Design & Create Website Banners

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>> Selecting and Editing img
>> Moving img Backward and Forward
>> Ulpoad Your Own img
>> Write and Style Text
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Re-order images:

Banners consist of individual images in a particular order from front to back. You can change the order of images by using the "Image Back" and "Image Forward" buttons. Start by selecting the image in your banner that is to be re-ordered. Once the image is selected, click the "Image Back" button to send an image back in the order or "Image Forward" to bring an image to the front of the image order in your banner. Each click of the button will change the order by one layer.

Scroll height/width:

If the banner you are designing is larger than your computer screen then part of the banner will be hidden. Use the scroll sliders to move the banner either up/down or left/right to bring the hidden part into view.

Banner Size:

Adjust the size of your banner by using the height and width sliders. You can create any size banner up to a maximum with of 1000px and maximum height of 700px.

Delete Image:

To delete an image, start by selecting the image you want to delete and then click the "Delete Image" button.


To add text to your banner, click the "Write Text" button. To edit text, select the text and the text panel will open in the right panel.

You can edit text style a follows:

  • delete text
  • increase and decrease text size
  • increase and decrease the line height between lines of text
  • select text color
  • select from over 30 text fonts. To select a new text font, use the text scroller and click on a font name
  • align text left or center text
  • add bold or italic styles to text
  • add shadow and style as follows: - angle, blur, color, distance, strength

Edit Images/Photos:

  • Change Size - Edit with and height of images
  • Rotate - Rotate angle of image 0 = 360 degrees
  • Opacity - Change transparency of images
  • Color - Edit color of images including Hue, Satuation, Brightness

Upload images:

Click the "Upload Image" button, navigate to the image on your computer.

Download Banner:

In the control panel, click the "My Banners" link in the left panel. Right click on the banner you want to save and click "Save Image".

Image Library:

The image library is divided into image categories and sub-categories. To select an image, click a image category and then select a sub-category. Once a sub-category is selected, it will take a few seconds before the images start to load.

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