1) Can I use the banners I build in the banner builder on my website, blog and social pages?
Yes. You may use your banners anywhere you like.

2) How do I use the banners?
There are 2 steps involved:
a) After creating your banner in banner builder, download it to your computer.
b) Upload to your website, blog, social pages or ad network.

3) How do I download the banners to my computer?
The method for downloading a banner is the same as downloading any image from a web page. Place the mouse pointer over the banner, right click on your mouse and select “Save Image As”.

4) How do I upload banners to my social pages?
Uploading a banner is the same as uploading an image. Most people upload images to their social networks on a regular basis and the method for uploading a banner is the same.

5) How do I upload banners to my website?
Uploading banners to a website is the same as uploading a regular image. The upload method depends on your website software. Most websites have a upload function for uploading img to web pages. If your website does not have a upload function, you will have to do a manual upload.

6) Can I upload my own images to my banners?
Yes, once inside the banner builder, use the upload banner button to upload images to your banner.

7) Are there banner templates that I can use?
Yes, Bannerwoo banner builder has a selection of banner templates.

8)Can I build banners in any size?
Yes, the you can set your banners to any size up to 1200px wide.

9)Are the banner template customizable?
Yes, you can edit every aspect of a banner template. You can add text, add and delete images from library as well as uploading your own, edit colors, text fonts and more...

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